Dr. Peggy Farmer is a professional speaker who helps individuals, executives, teams and conference attendees find their fire and live a more empowered personal and professional life!

She is energetic, passionate, witty, never boring
​ and always on!

Self Mastery International

Igniting Human Potential with Dr. Peggy Farmer 

A keynote speaker with the power to change personal

and professional lives!

"Peggy exudes strength and power in her words and delivery. Her quick wit, her ability to tune into the audience and her heartfelt enthusiasm is beyond measure...definitely a "wow!"  - J. Rogers, Director, Kohler Water Spa

​From keynote speeches for large organizations to smaller and more targeted audiences, Peggy brings a fresh, unique perspective on mastering ourselves and our lives. 

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Peggy comes from a very humble but fascinating family. She is the youngest sister of Paul Farmer, the world-renowned physician and founder of Partners in Health featured in the new documentary Bending the Arc.